Journal of Social Sciences and Arts


Assoc. Prof. Yaqut ƏLİYEVA

The article examines the mutual value systems of personality and society, and talks about the reevaluation of values in new conditions. At the same time, a comparative analysis of Eastern and Western values, which are integrated in a new way in Azerbaijani society, is conducted, and the influence of market values on the formation of personality is considered.
In transitional periods of social development, the problem of re-evaluation of values always arises. Denial of old values leads to sharp social changes, loss of personality orientation (confusion) and uniqueness, i.e. denial of old forms of life of society and personality. The main methods of scientific cognition, including induction, deduction, systematic-comparative analysis and synthesis methods, were used at different stages of the research. A systematic analysis of the literature on the topic was carried out.
As a result of the research, it is concluded that today in Azerbaijan there is an active process of building a civil society and a legal state. Both the individual and the society as a whole are required to show some flexibility and adapt to new conditions. The global problems facing society today can only be solved as a result of conscious and purposeful efforts. However, for this, it is necessary for people to have information about the processes taking place in the country and the world, and for the practical implementation of the process of creating the norms of the adequate system of moral values. This task also includes preparing society for the emerging system and actively adhering to known norms.

Keywords: Values, System, Identity, Society, Transformation, Globalization.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.58642/kutbilim
Publication date: 08.06.2023

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