Journal of Social Sciences and Arts

Peer Review Process

The purpose of the peer-review process is to ensure the publication of qualified and original scientific studies. All articles published in KutBilim Journal of Social Sciences and Art are peer-reviewed, and every article sent for publication goes through the peer-review process described below.

Preliminary Assessment

All manuscripts sent to the journal are first evaluated by the Editor and the Editorial Board. Manuscripts that are not covered by the journal or that do not comply with a scientific writing format in terms of content and form are rejected or some changes may be requested without starting the refereeing process. At this stage, no article can be accepted for publication by the editor without a positive referee report.

Peer Review

KutBilim Journal of Social Sciences and Art uses a double-blind peer-review system where the names of the referees and authors are kept concealed at every stage of the process.

Manuscripts that pass the preliminary evaluation stage are sent to two referees determined by the editor and/or the editorial board. Referees are selected from the referee pool, taking into account their areas of expertise.

The articles sent to the referees are be evaluated in terms of originality, methodology, contribution to the literature, presentation of the findings and support of the results, and benefiting from literatures. The referees may accept or reject the article or may ask the authors to correct the format and/or substance. In order for an article to be accepted for publication, at least two referees must give a positive opinion.

In case the referee or referees request corrections, the author(s) complete the requested corrections within 30 days at the latest, taking into account the criticisms and suggestions made by the referees, and send them back to the Publication Commission. Manuscripts that are not accepted for publication are not returned to their authors.

Final Evaluation

The final evaluation is made by the Editorial Board for all the articles that are in the publishing phase with a positive opinion of the referees. The articles that are decided to be "accepted for publication" by the Editorial Board are placed in the publication order.

Referee Evaluation Period

KutBilim Journal aims to complete the total refereeing process of an article within 10 weeks (70 days), with the pre-evaluation phase 1 week, the referee evaluation phase 8 weeks, and the final evaluation phase 1 week. The author(s) who submit an article to KutBilim Journal of Social Sciences and Art are deemed to have accepted the mentioned referee evaluation conditions and process of the Journal.