Journal of Social Sciences and Arts


KutBilim is a peer-reviewed, scientific and international journal that publishes in the field of arts and social sciences.

In order to be published the articles in KutBilim, it must not have been previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere and must be an original article that will fill a gap in its field. Papers presented at a conference or symposium may be accepted for publication if this is clearly indicated.

KutBilim publishes articles in Turkish, English, Russian and other languages. The English version of the title, abstract and keywords should be placed at the article.

Article can be submitted by registering for "Submit Article" at http://kutbilimjournal.org  or by sending directly to the e-mail address kutbilimjournal@gmail.com

Articles submitted to KutBilim are first reviewed in terms of compliance with journal principles. Those found unsuitable are returned to their authors for revision. Academic objectivity and scientific quality are considered of paramount importance in the evaluation of articles submitted for publication.

It is confirmed that the articles have not been published before and do not contain plagiarism with the plagiarism detection program, . Articles detected to be plagiarized are rejected without being included in the referee process.

Articles in accordance with editorial principles are reviewed by the Editorial Board. Submissions found suitable are referred to two referees working in relevant fields. The names of the referees are kept confidential and referee reports are stored 5 years by KutBilim Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. A single referee report is sufficient for the rejection of articles, but at least two referee reports are required to be accepted. If one of the referee reports is positive and the other negative, the article may be forwarded to a third referee for further assessment or alternatively the Editorial Board may make a final decision based on the nature of the two reports. The authors are responsible for revising their articles in line with the criticism and suggestions made by the referees and the Editorial Board. If they disagree with any issues, they may make an objection by providing clearly-stated reasons.

The royalty rights of the articles accepted to be published in KutBilim are considered transferred to KutBilim Research, Culture and Solitarity Association.

Authors have full responsibility for the views expressed in their articles and for their stylistic preferences. Quotations from other articles and duplication of photographs are permitted as long as they are fully referenced and cited.

During article evaluation and publication in KutBilim fee is not charged to the author. No royalty fee is paid to the author.