Journal of Social Sciences and Arts


Assoc. Prof. Mehmet YASTI, Sabire KARAAĞAÇ


Social and cultural value judgments and ways of perceiving the world are hidden in proverbs, which are the common memory of nations. In proverbs, we come across many subjects from life, such as social events, natural events, traditions and beliefs that have left their mark on society. One of the remarkable issues in proverbs is the phenomenon of old age and old age. In this study, it has been tried to determine the point of view of the elderly and old age in Turkish culture from past to present, and the position of the elderly in the society by putting forward the variants of the proverbs that deal with the issue of old age, if any, in historical and contemporary Turkish dialects. For this purpose, Proverbs and Idioms Dictionary in Regional Dialects, Özkul Çobanoğlu's Dictionary of Turkish World Common Proverbs and Ömer Asim Aksoy's Dictionary of Proverbs were scanned and proverbs related to old age were determined and classified according to their subjects. It has been determined that some proverbs containing the subject of old age, especially since the Karakhanid period, when the first products of Islamic-Turkish literature were given, have come to the present day by being variants with conceptual differences, but they are used in the whole Turkish world without changing their value judgments. When the proverbs dealing with old age in Turkey Turkish and historical and contemporary Turkish dialects are examined, it is stated that old age brings about various weaknesses as well as giving people dignity and experience.

Keywords: Age, Proverbs, Historical and Contemporary Turkish Dialects, Turkey Turkish

Publication date: 01.07.2022

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