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PhD Candidate Ersin DİKO

The Ottoman conquest of North Macedonia is a period when Islam began to emerge. With the conquest, dervish lodges and zawiyas had a great impact on the spread of Islam. Bektashis are among the religious communities that have an important place in the spread of Islam in North Macedonia. Bektashi influenced social life where there is with its sufistic force. The daily activities of Bektashis are carried out in dervish lodges. Although the lodges were closed in 1826 during the reign of II. Mahmud, they continued their activities after a short time.
In our study, we gave information about the Bektashi lodges that have survived until today. We also tried to reveal the Bektashi beliefs and rituals in North Macedonia. Interviews were held with Bektashis and a comprehensive literature review was conducted. The study was supported in line with the information obtained from the Ottoman Archives of the Republic of Türkiye

Keywords: Balkans, Ottoman, North Macedonia, Bektashi, Lodge.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.58642/kutbilim
Publication date: 08.06.2023

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