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Prof. Dr. Natalia ZVEREVA , Prof. Dr. Tatiana GORYACHEVA , Researcher Mariia ZVEREVA , Assoc. Prof. Alexey KOVAL- ZAITSEV

The article is devoted to the study of picture (graphic) tests in clinical psychology. The use of the "Self-portrait" technique to diagnose in children and adolescents with developmental disorders (mental, somatic) is of great importance. The relationship between the onset and type of mental or somatic illness and the quality of drawing in children and adolescents is being investigated. The purpose is to evaluate the diagnostic parameters of the technique "Self-portrait" (variant of Draw a Person Test) in children with mental and somatic disorders. Participants: 127 patients aged 11-16 years with mental and somatic disorders. Methodology: Test "Draw yourself" ("Self-portrait"). Evaluation parameters: size, type, quality of the picture, deviations of the picture from the vertical. Results: a comparison of mental patients with different diagnoses and somatic patients showed a difference in the nature of the picture: the best results were obtained in somatic patients; the worst ones were found in mental disorders with an early onset (earlier than 10 y.o.). The same result proved obtained as a drawing. Studies show that the drawings of children and adolescents with early onset of mental illness are of the worst quality and type of drawings. In patients with a later onset of a mental disorder, the quality and type of drawings are similar to somatic patients. Self-portrait or self-drawing appears to be a good technique for assessing children and adolescents with various types of developmental disabilities.

Keywords: Drawing of Yourself Test, Children, Mental and Somatic Disorders, Development.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.58642/kutbilim
Publication date: 08.06.2023

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