Journal of Social Sciences and Arts


Assoc. Prof. Eşqane BABAYEVA


Necip Fazil Kisakurek is one of the great poets who have a unique place in Turkish literature. He grew up in a period when the proclamation of the Republic was made and the literary process was developing rapidly. Kısakurek has produced very successful works in all fields of literature such as poetry, theory, theater, novel and other.

Necip Fazil Kisakurek, who has published the poetry books “Spider Web”, “Pavements”, “Me and Beyond”, “Caravan of Infinity”, “Anguish”, is also a theater writer and he has theatrical works such as “Seed”, “To Create A Man”, “Tag”, “Yunus Emre”, “Bloody Turban”, “Money”, “The Holy Escrow”, “Stone of Patience”,  “Mr. Judge”, “Fingerless Salih”, “Wooden Mansion” and others. Necip Fazil wrote stories and novels as well as poetry and theater plays. He collected them under the names of “A Few Stories”, “A Few Analyzes” and published them. Despite all these works, Necip Fazıl, who exhibited a new voice and a new stance with his poems, took a place in Turkish literature as a great poet. In this article, the poet's life and literary personality will be examined and his position in literature will be investigated.

Keywords: Republican Era Turkish Literature, Turkish Poetry, Necip Fazil Kisakurek, verse, poet.

Publication date: 30.12.2021

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