Journal of Social Sciences and Arts


Assoc. Prof. Tamara I. PETRAKOVA

The article presents data on the study of various aspects of personal time in adolescents with deviant behavior. The aim of this study is a comparative analysis of time perspectives and its components in adolescents with deviant behavior, demonstrating the signs of antisocial development. The study materials showed that adolescents with deviant behavior have the time perspective which is characterized by the importance for them of the negative past, substantial influence of the hedonistic present on the person’s orientation and the unstructured negative future, narrowed and shortened perspective of the future. They have unstructured and partially structured vision of the future, imposed or planned from outside, more dependent on luck and circumstances than on their own efforts, uninteresting, inutile and useless. Motivational objectives of the future perspective in most adolescents with deviant behavior are in the visible present and the near future, have hedonistic focus and, for the most part, they belong to the category of social contacts and relationships with others and leisure activities. There has been defined irrelevant assessment of the complexity of their future, the lack of differentiation of their perceptions of various aspects of life. Adolescents with deviant behavior showed overall anticipatory untenability, prognostic incompetence on three of its components: time, space as well as the personal and situational component.

Keywords: Time perspective, past negative, past positive, hedonistic present, fatalistic present, anticipation.

Publication date: 01.06.2021

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